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In search of Analog TV tuner for Linux


Hi guys,

Sorry Ive been away for a while. Ive been hard at work IRL and dont have the spare time anymore to be as active as I used to be.

I have been looking for an analog tv tuner that works 100% in Linux. It must be analog or a hybrid that has a working analog tuner under Linux. Prefer PCIe.
I would love a network tuner but doubt those exist with NTSC tuners.


If you cannot find one, maybe you could use an SDR card and do the processing in software.


Hauppauge cards are pretty solid in Linux. Better question is are you looking for OTA or cable and what market? Do you have an exiting PVR?

The HD Homerun’s from Silicondust are solid network attached devices. I own both, moved away from hauppauge simply because I ran out of pcie slots and dropping a tiny device in a closet or attic is much easier (I have 6 HDHRs).


I have an NTSC cable connection. The hauppauge card I have is a hybrid but the analog tuner does not function under Linux.


Weird. What provider and what model do you have? Thought everyone transitioned to digital by now (either ATSC/OTA or encrypted on cable).


My provider is PavlovMedia. They send a digital signal to the apartment complex who then have a converter box that forces everyone to get analog.


Eww… Not sure what to say, I’ve not had any problems with the analog on those cards assuming you’re using the ivtv driver. Guessing it’s a known bug?

Quite surprised you have no digital service.


so was I. What hauppauge tuner do you use that has analog? and works


WinTV 250 and 350’s


So they don’t broadcast in clearQAM?


any suggestion on where to get some on the cheap?


nope nada