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In over my head, got myself Cisco Nexus 10g SFP+ gear


For a while now, i have been wanting to add 10gig to my server stack for ESXI and NAS. I have 2 servers currently (X3850M2 and DL360G6), but wanted room for expand-ability. So searching on Ebay I ended up purchasing 2 pieces of Cisco Nexus networking gear (nexus 5020 and nexus 2232PP). Only after getting them did i realize i was in way over my head. How do I:

  1. Setup the physical hardware. With one being a fiber extender, i am unsure how to hook it up with the base unit.

  2. How do i configure the software of the units.

Configuring my managed 1Gig switch was fairly straight forward, but this seems to be in another league. Im not a noob to tech, but to enterprise level gear i am quite green.

Any help or links to guides would be greatly appreciated.