In Order to counter the threat of China Spying the Gov't wants to build a 5G network (Discussion)

I’m all for 5G speeds nationwide, but how does having a super fast network internet thwart China? Won’t they just be able to access it? It’s not like we’re not the only ones to know how to access a 5G network.

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Administration is concerned about using Chinese hardware that could be used for spying, look up at&t and Huawei.

Inb4 looool the gov already spies

A nationwide 5g. Is there infrastructure for it? How much will it cost? The phone companies will monitor what we do on those networks. How secure are they? I have a lot of questions on this but wait and see what happens.

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No worries just generally interested in how a 5g network is more secure. I assume because they get to build the infrastructure the gov’t can exercise more control over it

“Because the government always does so well maintaining infrastructure” said no one ever


Someone will say this soon enough

Trust me, I agree, I’m typing this on a connection from Mediacom lol

The only thing that sticks out to me is that the financial status of Mediacom doesn’t really affect me the same way as the financial status of Uncle Sam

Not that Uncle Sam has done a good job managing his finances anyway

i see many issues with nationwide 5g network
-if the govt intend to pull full reigns over it, many companies will be fighting with ferocity
-if its contracting out infastructure work to companies we can see the '96 telecomunications act all over again
-air wave congestion will be rampant in high population density areas
-latency will be problematic for those with applications sensitive to such
-when an issue happens many more people will be effected

on that note though, many ISPs will have to step up thier game to compete, regardless of who builds it b/c wireless and cellular networks work very different, maybe pushing faster speeds or better latency than the network proposed

Having talked to someone working in the IT-department for some German manufacturer, China spying on businesses (confiscating storage media, exchanging notebooks/phones/etc. , breaking weaker-ish encryption, monitoring everything, putting strange devices in suspended ceilings, etc.) is pretty much common practice.
The NSA does it a little less obvious, but was observed adding some chips to notebooks of traveling businessmen.
I would guess the British and German secret services do the same. Hell, if 10-people businesses bribe the room service to plug in some USB at the competitor…
Everyone is spying! That is how the world works!

America truly is a retarded giant.


are you kidding me


Then the government needs to be abolished and replaced with one where the representatives act on behalf of the public good, not that of their corporate sponsors. But at the end of the day just about every issue in the US boils down to that. But enough about politics.

Common carriage works just fine in most of the countries where they have it. Actually outside of certain countries with totalitarian regimes I can’t think of a single country where they really have issues with it.
It forces ISPs and other public utility providers to compete with several others who use the same infrastructure. That prevents those companies from getting a monopoly or having power over their customers because they know the customers can switch fast and at no real cost if the ISPs do anything that the customers won’t like.
I have 8 ISPs here, all sharing the same connection. Switching is a matter of making 2 phone calls, sending back my modem to the old ISP and paying $50-75 to let my new ISPs technician install their modem.

Shared or government-owned network infrastructure also solves those “I want to change ISP but they charge $70K to connect my house to the cable that runs 10ft from it” cases.


Funny thing is even if they build their own hardware, 5G traffic can still be sniffed from orbit.

I’m looking forward to a repeat of the fibre debacle in which the government pays huge sums of money or provides huge tax breaks and then the companies implement a partial network that they can then guard and charge increasing fees for over the following years.

Well given Five Eyes contains the US and the UK, they’re all definitely spying on everyone. It wouldn’t surprise me if the NSA’s spying on German politicians was actually the UK spying and relaying data. Germany I’m sure does the same but despite being members of the EU, the UK does not trust any country outside of Five Eyes enough to actually share data with them. Apparently, even now, we cannot trust those closest to us, which can only hold us back.

We’re all spying on our closest allies, probably more so than our actual “enemies” because we have greater and closer access to them.

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Since WWII even the EU has repeatedly complained that the US is using submarines to tap underwater phone lines and vans packed with high tech equipment to monitor cellphone tower communications. With voice recognition and other means, they can literally pick a voice out from the crowd of 20,000 other calls and zero in on anyone of interest. Among other things, using a faster network allows for more complex cryptography and the first quantum encrypted cellphones are already on the market, but of limited use while, without a Theory of Everything, someone could crack them tomorrow. In physics, Game theory suggests the trick is to stay two punch lines ahead of the competition, so they never see it coming, but the US infrastructure is so old in general it has earned a “D” rating causing concern in military and national security circles.

I heard something about 5G wireless some time ago… and it was apparently the frequency to be using in all house holds, since it was easier to spy upon…Kind of like raining on the invisible man… you got a good out line of everything.

We never left the cold war did we.

The cold war was a war between empires, the minute the Soviet Union fell apart the price of freedom went through the roof in the free world. They say past a certain point money takes on a life of its own, its empire baby, and this train ain’t stopping until she derails. The idea anyone is in charge around here belies the simple fact that money and the gun do all the talking worth listening to in modern day Babylon.

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The big conference in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) should be wrapping up soon. 5G and the global brain where the big topics last year, this year was implementation.

“4g changed our lives, 5g will change society”
War on cash was also a huge topic, along with smart bills using the acid in our stomachs instead of battery acid and 4G…on the Moon!
TruNews was there this year and last.