In need of a new keyboard

ok so im thinking of getting a new keyboard... im thinking of getting a saitek cyborg or a G15 v2. not sure yet... any suggestions?

G15 V2

yea, i was lookin at the G19 and that thing is fuckin NICE! but i dont think i want to spend 200 dollars on a keyboard.

+1 on the G15 v2.

don't get the g19. It's honestly a downgrade from the older versions. I mean, seriously what keyboards need to be plugged in?!? thats insane!

i have the G15 (v1) and i love it

if you want a super durable keyboard with quick response time, go with the G15

i got the g15v2 its sick! im not so sure about the g19 thats super expensive but that good enough to be that expensive imo

any theme in particular you want to go with? im using a sidewinder x6. works ok. the volume knob is GENIUS. other people found this keyboard awkward but i didn't experience any inconveniences.. maybe you should give it a try?

I have got this one: and I would not want anything else. No G19 or G15v1/v2 tops this keyboard in my oppinion and thats mostly because of the keylayout you play with and not the cramped WASD key's on every other keyboard out there from Razer to Microsoft to Logitech. -> But hey, its just a personal preference. <-

uhh basically my computer is going to be red and the glass desk will have some sound reactive cold cathodes mounted under it. (im thinking of blue cathodes for the desk) oh and for ppl making suggestions, no curved keyboards (were the keys a different sizes) and not to large, because my tower is going to be on my desk.

Razer Lycosa, thats what i have and it works quite good ae

since your systems going to be red id go with the g15 or maybe the sidewinderx6

the x6 is like 25 dollars less, although if money wasnt a concern id rather have the g15.

I have the lycosa and I FUCKING LOVE IT


[i][b]Saitek Cyborg

[/b][/i]I own this keyboard its a dream... Pity i dont have the mouse...

I have it. The mouse too.. It's good yeah, but you can get alot better keyboards out there.. Next time im going roccat

If you like your keyboard looking like a spaceship with changable colors, go Saitek Cyborg.

razer lycosa! g15 is nice too though

Razer Lycosa

Logitech G19! lol.. Nah seriously the G15 looks alot better

Get a G15 or Lycosa

Also, Green that Roccat keyboard looks awesome.