In need of a new computer (please read!)

  • PLEASE READ - Currently I am indeed of a new computer bad, but due to my current situations, medical bills, taking care of my grandmother, ect., I am financially limited to what I can do. I currently use 3.0ghz Core 2 duo, 560ti GPU and 4GB 800mhz RAM, my computer is 5 years old and it limits me and my multiple skill sets (programming, web design, video editing, video creation, CS6, Image design, remote support, managing business, broadcasting, multitasking, music creation, gaming, etc.). This is a call to everyone and anyone that understands my position and respects, likes, appreciates any content I have produced, developed or created and believes I can do better things if I had better hardware. Please contact me if any of the following parts can be purchased and donated to me from the following link below. I assure you, in the list is nothing that is unnecessary to what it is that I need. 

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I have added all the component's prices and see your budget is around $1380 (the case was out of stock so I substituted the price by $50.) I did the same with the sound card and used $50.

This is what i would go with: