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In need help installing Wordpress on ubuntu server

Hello there, I am new to the forum, so excuse if I posted in the wrong section.
I am trying to install wordpress with Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS on an old laptop with a 32 bit atom cpu.

If there is any tutorial or link with easy to follow steps for noobs like me please would you share?!. I have already install and reinstall the damn os 20 times because of bad comands that broke the login, or other stuff that I could not find ways to revert back.
What I want to do with it is to have a personal portfolio hosted on it and to give a purpos to this old piece of tech(it has a 8gb zif SSD from intel and should be enough for what i need it to do).
Big thank you in advance and hope I posted in the right section!.

Did you try Google? Here’s pretty much the first hit:

Copy/paste commands from the tutorial into the terminal. If you need to create or modify a particular file, use the nano editor: no need to memorize commands, pretty much everyone you’ll need are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Quick guide if you’ve never used it before:

In a terminal, type

nano helloworld.txt

Nano now opens the file helloworld.txt, if it existed before, it’ll show its contents, otherwise it’ll be empty.
In the file, type

Hello World!

Press Ctrl+o (letter O ) to save the file, then press Ctrl+x to close nano. To confirm it worked, type (in the terminal)

cat helloworld.txt


That is one of the tutorials I found that are not good to follow and also others complained about it .

This guide is probably what I’d recommend. Since this information isn’t readily available here on L1, normally DigitalOcean or Linode would be my go to for basic tutorials without blowing up your system.


This looks promissing I will give it a try today!. Hope this time I will get something that works

Damn this was good untill a point but it gave me more information on how to set up stuff better. Big thanks!. It works

In addition, I highly recommend doing automatic backups of both your php files and your MySQL database.

MySQL dump and rsync is what I’ve used in the past and ought to be sufficient.

Well I have only 8 gb of space on this device, 4 are left so i think is enough for backup right?.

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Yes, you can overwrite older backups onsite. You’ll probably want remote backups at some point though.

As most guides it, generally I use guides like these as a starting point for learning.
The guide is somewhat dated, but that is because it was written in for 16.04 which is a 2016 release of Ubuntu. Regardless, it is still a great starting point and you can easily adapt some of the newer stuff to work with the old guide giving you what you want as an end result.

All works good now is fast to load, all is left now is to secure the server and find a domain for it =)) . Glad I finaly made it, one problem is to setup the damn port in the apache ports.conf I had to make it like this " Listen device-IP:port " idk why apache needs this but it was something that I needed last 4 instalations xD , good thing I as able to find an old forgoten post on some unknown site who had the correct fix.