In Flames Concert Review

Hey guys here to tell you about the concert last night. It was at this place out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called The Rave. Pretty decent place for a metal concert sound was good and the mosh pit was awesome. The bands playing were Veil of Maya, Trivium and In Flames. I'm not a big fan of Veil of Maya but I have some of their songs. Some of the songs they played are We Bow in It's Aura, Unbreakable, and It's Not Safe to Swim today. I give them a (3.5/5) I have seen Trivium once before but am not a big fan. They played the usual Ascendancy and Like Light to Flies. I give them a (3.5/5)Now we have In Flames who have been my favorite band since 8th grade which is about 5 years now. Veil and Trivium were good in my opinion, but In Flames took the stage after and simply destroyed. They played everything from their latest album(which I was disappointed by) all the back to album Clayman. They played so many great songs like Swim, The Mirrors Truth, The Hive, The Quiet Place, Come Clarity, Cloud Connected, Alias, Trigger(my favorite of the show), Where the Dead Ships Dwell, and Take This Life. I give them a (4.5/5) Would have been a 5 if they had not played songs from the latest album as people barely moshed to those. In Flames was definitely the star of the concert as almost everybody had an In Flames shirt. Hope you guys catch them on their current U.S. tour, as for me it was well worth the 4 hours driving in the snow with my cousin (I think we were the only Mexicans there lol) and the $100 dollar ticket price. Hope you guys catch them on their current U.S. tour as it was a great way to kick off the new year!