Improving WIFI on the cheap

Hi I am a student and have just moved into rented accommodation. There is currently a router locked in a cupboard with ok speeds but with a weak signal which my pc can barely access only about 10m away. There are no Ethernet ports in the flat and I am using cheap 150mbps Wi-Fi dongles. I have access to the router as the passwords and username were left default. Is there any way to improve the signal strength? I have a raspberry pi which I am considering using as a repeater to pick up the signal closer to the router then send it to my pc over Ethernet, would this work?

Personally, I've never been a fan of putting more hardware and software between me and internet. You may be able to achieve what you're looking for with a better wifi antenna coupled with a DIY parabolic dish AKA WokFi.

Just out of curiosity, do you have more details on your situation as far as physical access to the router?

Use foil

Thanks for the tip just set up a dish using a sieve and am now getting 30mbps instead of 3.

Excellent news. I'm glad I could help.