iMac Pro... Vega PRO

So, correct me if i am wrong… but isn’t Vega PRO supposed to have SR-IOV support?

Has anyone heard about this being a thing on the iMac Pro (which includes Vega PRO), and is there any Mac virtualisation software available or on the cards that supports it yet?

sadly, no.

You can install Linux on them, chances are that it’ll work if they are using non-custom chips.

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as far as I’m aware you need a FirePro S9150/7150 or newer to use SR-IOV. They don’t have video outputs and usually cost $1500 or more.


Does Parallels have any kind of SR-IOV support? That’s news to me :o though I haven’t been keeping up much anyway.

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No clue, my latest copy is for 10.10 lol.

Aware of Parallels and Fusion… been a fusion user for a long time. Apple also now have a hypervisor framework that a couple of smaller virtualisation programs are making use of.

That’s the more relevant thing, ditto for fusion or anything else available… :slight_smile:

I believe ESXi is usually certified on apple machines (maybe not the iMac Pro just yet, but not really wanting a bare metal hypervisor…

While we’re on the subject - anyone know of Vega FE supports SR-IOV? I’ve seen conflicting reports.

Essentially my goal is to get off of Windows as a non gaming-virtual-machine OS :smiley:

As far as I remember Wendell said it didn’t, but that was a while ago.

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That’s a pity if true. Like i said i have seen conflicting reports. If FE did actually support it, there would be an actual point to Vega FE’s existence :smiley:

It’s a deep learning card :thinking:

… that’s not supported by Tensorflow nor Caffe nor pyTorch nor Microsoft’s cognitive Toolkit. And Theano, which apparently did support OpenCL has been deprecated because it is no longer being developed :smiley:

That was kind of the joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: