I'm torn on which graphics card to get

I seriously just don't know!

I'm looking for a gpu that'll fit my build best, but I just can't decide what to get and how much to spend!

7770, 650ti, 660, 7850, 7870, or even a 7870 XT.

I'll be playing ARMA2, Valve games, Fallout, Sims3, and such. Thing is, once I get the build finished, BF3, PS2, Crysis 3 and Skyrim may come into play. But I really don't know if I really need to buy a card to handle em'. I want a card that can play C3 on at least a comfortable FPS without having everything on it's complete lowest settings. 

I WILL be gaming at 1080P. I do know that much. 

Now the thing about that is I don't actually know upright if I actually want to spend that much.

Here's what my setup will be http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hps4 . Everything is either already bought or 100% decided on besides the GPU. I could have gotten a Phenom Black CPU but I plan on doing some CPU heavy things and having the extra power and cores'll be nice to have.

I do know I want at least one eye candy game with a fun single player experience with the new build. But even the 7770 IS a good card, and should be able to handle one fine depending on what it is. By single player experience I mean just something to play alone, something I don't need friends for. I don't mean an offline game. 

I have no problem spending the money for a 7870XT, but if I don't have to, dafuq is the point. If I really need to I can upgrade in Summer or October. But I mean I don't really wanna build a half done computer. I want it to be how I wanted it when I first build it.

AMD Radeon 7950 .. Overclock it and get C3 for free .. just my thought

I really don't wanna spend that. Even if it's got C3. 

If for some reason I DO spend that though. Does any 7950 just have a C3 code?

Honestly I may consider buying one if it has a free game right off the bat.

Yeah, 7950's come with codes for C3 and Bioshock Infinite.

I bought a "used" (unopened) 7950 for $260 no codes, but i can live with it (wasn't going to install origin anyway). Out of those cards, the steal is the 7870XT, do you need it? Really it depends, for me if a game dips below 60fps, it kills me (i used to game at like 26fps, man am i spoiled now), i think the 660 is the baseline to get you 60fps at higher settings, and by that logic the 7870 is more performance for the same price, and for $20 more you can get an XT (AKA the gimped 7950) and feel really smug. 

Lol right though! I used to play Crysis 2 at about 25 FPS for HOURS. The thing is, 7870XT + Game = 7950 + Game. :S

ATM, 40FPS is my goal for games on 1080P with higher settings. Does every 7950 come with codes?


Radeon HD 7950 with Free Crysis 3 & BioShock game coupon w/ purchase -- 269.99 --


Wow lol. Thanks man, sorry for the ignorance lmfao. I think I may go for it.

If you want minimum 40 FPS then the 7870XT is a sure deal. However, only the 79** series cards come with the code for Crysis 3 and Bioshock infinite. The 78** cards (Including the XT) come with Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider codes.