Im so confused?!?!

i have a slight idea of what cache does and no idea what the difference between these two drives are what one do i buy please help



I wouldnt buy either of them to be honest. Grab a WD black  <<<link>>> or blue <<link>>. Cheap seagate drives are pretty bad in terms of reliability especially compared to that of their enterprise gear which is quite nice. If you can stretch you budget to get a WD black then do it. With one of the best warranties around, top performance and modest price they are hard to beat.

Imagine the the small amount of cache to act like a buffer. If there was no cache at all then the heads would be going non stop. This buffer or temporary memory on hdd holds a given amount of data (64mb or whatever) if that data is required say for instance its a large excel file, you just closed it, now you want to re-open it. This file will load a lot quicker since it is already stored in this cache.

Hope this has been of some help.