I'm running away from Streamlabs, but how do you Casterlabs?


Casterlabs is a great open source API that completely runs locally for stream notifications, but there’s a problem… It seems tailor made for caffine[dot]tv.

As a Streamlabs refugee I like open source, but I also want to be supported by donations, and it doesn’t make it clear how the heck you do that for Twitch when you’re a basic user and not Affiliate or Partner.

Where’s the documentation? Where’s the support?

Also, I am not comforted to see this in a README.md:

What do I do? Just do a direct Paypal link? ko[dot]fi or wait for them to become an intermediary service? (which could be never)

If I do choose something like ko[dot]fi what’s the fine print for using such a service?

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Howdy, I am one of the devs over at Casterlabs and just stumbled on this via Google. (Sorry for the necro!)

Casterlabs is just a desktop program for stream alerts and the like and uses Koi (the repo you linked), which runs on our servers, as a universal backend for all of the sites we support (Caffeine, Twitch, Trovo, Glimesh, and Brime).

The Koi repo just exists for transparency, so people can see how Koi works and maybe even borrow some chunks of code for these lesser known streaming platforms. So, Koi itself is not documented and not intended to be run by yourself, but is is on Github.

Regarding how you’re supposed to receive donations without Twitch cheers: In our stable version we give you the ability to connect ko-fi[dot]com to Casterlabs which will trigger your alerts when people donate or subscribe over there (This feature will hit the beta soon).

Where’s the support?:
Discord and Guilded, primarily. We of course will talk to you if you shoot us a dm on Instagram or Twitter, hell, we’ll even use email.

Hope that answers some things for you, and if you’re interested in using Koi for your own projects directly or just triggering your own alerts in Caffeinated, feel free to reach out to us with whatever means you want. Cheers!

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