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(I'm not a Lawyer) You probbably don't need a Driver's license to controll an Automobile


The court room is all about legal terms and the more your rights get violated, the more evidence you can use to sue your police department for repeated kidnapping.


I have not bothered to read the law here, let alone the US, but I do understand that specific words hold legal meanings, until corrected or overturned.
Just needs a champion of this licenceless driving, to have the definition correct/replace the word employed


Common consensus, yes, legal definition, no. The legal definition of “Driver” is the same one from the turn of last century. When the definition changes, that’s when it stops being legal.


Well, someone needs to be the agent of change, why not write to your congress critter?

Tell him to Think Of the Children…


Mind if I use that?


As you have stated, you are not a lawyer. Which means you’re interpretation of the law could be wrong.
Now I’m also not a lawyer. However I’m a paralegal. Been working in the legal field for 5 years.
Are there vehicles in the US, you can use without a license?
Yes. Non motor bikes, skateboards, lawnmowers, tractors as long as you are at least 16, in some States ATVs but some do require a license. Just to name a few.
What do you need a license for?
Cars, Trucks, Semis, Airplanes.
What does a license do for you?
It proves you know how to operate or use the vehicle and you are qualified to do so.


Schoolbooks from the 1800’s
Jack Daniels bought his first whiskey still, at age 13, try doing that today
I bet he did not need a license to operate a horse drawn wagon loaded with booze. much more demanding then a car.

Someone digitized old schoolbooks, just don’t get caught with them in todays schools :slight_smile:


In Germany, when operating a vehicle, you are the “Fahrzeugführer” (=vehicle operator/driver/guide/instructor, translation unclear) of said vehicle. If said vehicle is not powered by your own body and you want to operate it on non-private property, you need a drivers licence (German word: Führerschein) which is a document certifying your capabilites of operating a powered vehicle without posing a danger to yourself or others.

When you tell the vehicle to do a thing, you are guiding or instructing it to do a thing, so it is your responsibility to do it safely and within the limits set by law.

Somewhat related: Licence plates
Without one, operating a powered vehicle on non-private property is illegal.
Operating a vehicle without “Haftplichtversicherung” (translates to something like: “general liability insurance”) is alsy illegal here.


I don’t know, there seems to be plenty of people around here that have drivers licenses that don’t seem to know how to operate a vehicle and do not seem qualified to do so. Like a few days ago when a car drove by while I was walking down main street and the driver didn’t have a seatbelt on and had his door open with his head a few inches off the ground looking under his car at the engine compartment. The more I walk around here the more I realise that I need to have a camera in my hand at all times.


This whole thing reeks of “Sovereign Citizen” BS.

I think I should make a PSA for anyone reading this thread since it’s being indexed:

If you follow the arguments of OP, you’re extremely likely to go to jail when you get pulled over. I do not support or condone attempting to circumvent the laws in your region just so you can avoid a couple hundred dollars of fees (which are used to help maintain the roads) a year or to be a rebel.

Driving is a huge responsibility. You’re putting the life of yourself, everyone in your car, and everyone on/near the road in your hands. To put it simply: You’re piloting a 3000lb missile. Act accordingly.

We often forget how dangerous Motor Vehicles are because we use them every day and it’s nearly impossible (unless you live in a highly dense city) to hold a job without them. People forget that flying is safer than driving a car. Yet we still drive every day and more people are scared of flying than driving.

The point of all this is that the governments of our various countries have every right to regulate the conditions surrounding an individuals allowance to drive a motor vehicle to promote public safety.


Came to say this as well. Worthless discussion.


Could you imagine a nation of shitty ass 15 year old PUBG players taking their parents cars out for fun.

No sir fuck that. Required training and aptitude tests for operating anything with the potential to harm is a good thing.


If my understanding of legal proceedings is correct, most laws are subject to interpretation.

Much more detail here in this article/book:


Well a driver license does not really mean shit. Because their are a lot of idiot drivers who should not be driving that have a license. I personally think that these are the types of people that need to be taking public transportation only. As they pose too much of a risk. I agree with the right to travel thing and not needing a drivers license to drive in the first place. But you have to learn to drive somehow. And you have to at least prove that you know how to drive safely with the flow of traffic. As for a Drivers license. I do not think that everyone needs a commercial license to at least drive a car. Just a plate, name and registration is all you need.


Lets put it this way. Would you fly a plane without obtaining a license? Yes it is a form of travel. But it is something that takes extensive knowledge to learn how to operate and keep track of.


Kids that age still do that. Don’t fool yourself.


A drivers license means, the one in controll (or not) of a vehicle at some point behaved in a way that entitled him to do so on public roads.

I would like to see followup tests after 10 years or so.


I think we should have those for chainsaws and nail guns as well.


Theres two sets of laws to the US, and I think canada has this sorta thing two, where one is the USA Laws we mostly know, then theres a republic set of laws that are for a completely different definition of laws. Often these republic laws get used in court cases to worm a way through, but most of the time they aren’t really used. In order to not need a drivers lisence, all that sorta thing, you have to go through thousands of papers and quite a bit of money to get all the documents you need. I don’t know how passports work, I don’t know how gun laws or health care applies, I’m not completely sure if you get defined as a first nation or something at that point be cause those laws are kinda mixed in with them.

Its a mess, and a stupid one.

Just get your drivers lisence people, US Republic Papers are not fucking worth it and you will get pulledh over a billion times because to operate that way you can’t have a license plate either.

You still need to do taxes though.


You are fully aware that is off topic and exaggerated.