I'm new to kvm and kernel compiling, so can anyone help me compiling a kernel for openSUSE with the Navi Reset fix being added?

Hi there,

I’m new to the forums and singed up since Wendell mentions it a lot in his videos :wave:

I’m using Linux next to Windows for almost two decades now and finally got around to set up kvm and qemu which was fairly simple due to the tools openSUSE Tumbleweed provides by default.
Let it be mentioned that I’m really a desktop user and besides SSH for config edit and apt/zypper usage, I usually stay away from terminal usage whenever I have the chance.

However, now I am in need to deal with it since I need to apply the Navi Reset Bug fix which I too found on these forums and I have no idea where to start since I never compiled a kernel myself either.

So I came here to ask for help since all I can find at best are tutorials from the mid 2000’s or kernel list entries which probably isn’t how things go these days.

It’d be nice if someone could help, at least provide good current tutorials or something that fits my needs :slight_smile:

For the record, I have openSUSE Tumbleweed running as my host OS.

Thanks for reading :wave:

Kind regards

Here is the official suse page on how to build a kernel. It is more for background info rather then as a tutorial.

Here is a tutorial, but it is a bit old

Here is a tutorial from a user, and it is newer.

You would follow one of these, and apply the Navi reset patch right before or after applying the other opensuse kernel patches, or if the tutorial does not have those then applying it after you have the source code unpacked and ready to build.

Thank you for linking that, I tried to start reading into the first link you provided there but for whatever reason, git won’t clone the repo for me at this point :anguished:

Not sure if something went wrong but I stopped there for now since I think the second tutorial is depending on the first one page.