I'm making a MOBA and I need your help and ideas

I have started developing a MOBA inside of a RuneScape emulator (private server) and was wondering if anybody would be interested in playing such a MOBA game. Of course it would be entirely free and it has a dynamic cache request server so you would be able to get online in under a minute. (Approximately 1MB download with the remaining files being streamed to you while you play.)

The Rundown
- 5v5 the map is Castle Wars
- Players spawn in the same place as regular CW (Castle Wars)
- Rather than champions, diversity is driven through weapons
- There are shops in the spawn area of each respective side that you can buy weapons from
- There would be basic gear for lane start like shortbow, bronze sword, air runes, basic armor
- There would also be advanced weapons and armor
- Advanced gear can be unlocked (like champions are in LoL) with the points you earn after playing a match but there would be an equivalent free rotation of gear (similar to LoL's free champion rotation)
- "Minions" are goblins (the red/blue ones from Goblin Wars) and the super minions are the larger equivalents
- "Towers" are the ballistic platforms
- The "Jungle" is in the lower tunnels, with a different kind of monster in each tunnel and a "Baron"/"Dragon" equivalent that spawns in the middle of the tunnels (which is quickly accessible through trapdoors in midlane)
- The "Nexus" is the flag at the top of each castle, only takeable with the "Baron" equivalent's drop (which lasts a limited amount of time)
- Ancients and Lunar spellbook and Ancient Curses only accessible for a limited amount of time

What I need
- Players (testers)!
- People to help balance
- Developers (who know Java, knowing Kotlin is a bonus!)
- Questions from YOU about certain things you're unsure about


You may want to move it to a dota 2 custom map instead, they have a pretty solid editor, or the starcraft 2 galaxy editor

I am just a programmer, not a model designer or artist. The reason I chose a RuneScape emulator is because for one I was in love with the game before EoC update and two all of the art, models, etc. are done. I also have a lot of experience writing RuneScape emulators (I used to run one of the largest with hundreds of thousands of players) and Java and Kotlin being my languages of choice makes it the easiest for me.

Hi Jire,
I love you moba Idea and would love to join the train I have expert skill in Java and graphic design along with music production. I have great knowledge of using unity (if thats what your using to make the game) I have so great Ideas and I think this has great potential.

-HippoRumbler (Brady)

You’ll basically made EUL’s dota from 2003 and many other custom AOS


I have over 12,000+ hours in AOS, Euls Dota, Dota allstars, LoL(3,000 hors here)

So I may or may not know what the fuck im talking about.

3 year necro and OP has not logged in since October 2015