Im looking for a good camera

so unfortunately for me my old camera got stolen out of my car so now im cameraless. so ive decided its time to pick up a digital camera but i have a bit of a dilema. I like SLR cameras. at least i like the look and feel of SLR cameras. so ive been looking for a D-SLR camera and none I can find are in a bearable price range. Im not an aspiring photographer or photography buff so dropping half a grand on a camera just because i enjoy the feel of it is a bit out of the question.

another problem is that the ones i can find that are in a somewhat considerable price range seem to be worse than cheeper point and shoot cameras. for example doesent more megapixles mean better picture quality? so wouldent a Nikon coolpix l26 ( 

have better picture quality than a Nikon D40 ( 

heres what im looking for 

- ability to switch out lenses (or at least the look and feel of a camera that can.) 

- Good picture quality (it is replaceing a very nice camera)

- around $350 (max $375) although im completely willing to buy the camera and lense seperate (if possible0 and spend $350 on just the camera without the lense.


is it possible? 

also is worth looking into