I'm Hunting Scammers: Official

So basically I've been getting calls for 2 weeks from a group in Texas, and I know they are in Texas because when they started this shit with me they called from a tri-county area and running the call back through a tracer went back to the same line every time. But they got smart and changed the numbers up. Now the numbers go all over the place but its the same 4 indian guys that I talk to.

The calls come from these cities:

Grapevine Texas - (817) 424 2000
Lampasas Texas - (737) 618 4009
Arcolia Texas - (281) 710 0084
Amarillo Texas - (806) 414 3535
Yuma Arizona (today's call was from here) - (928) 317 9043
Alachua Florida - (386) 518 0174
East Marlborough Pennsylvania - (484) 260 4012
Provo Utah - (801) 370 0466
Mocksville North Carolina - (336) 477 8803
Hillsboro Ohio - (937) 365 2255
Dobbins California - (530) 593 2010
Arcadia California - (626) 244 3922
Sunnyvale California - (669) 248 8613
Moorestown New Jersey - (856) 372 8137
San Mateo California - (650) 431 2191
New York City New York - (347) 753 9563
Byron Michigan (which isn't a place, its Byron Center) - (616) 217 4389
Auburn California - (530) 537 0021
Venice Florida - (941) 220 1091

I don't think I missed any, maybe one? In any case they are all calling about "Your taxes have been fondled and our balls feel funny, let us fuck your funds!" and such. They won't give a business name and they won't give a callback number. One line, the one from Arizona, had a deal of "Press one for low interest rates, press 2 for housing loans, press 3 for " something I forget the last one. That one was going to Amiil, I know the one guy's first name and I think his last name is something like Alba... Alba something. It was in the bachground of the call so it could be bullshit but I have heard the name Amiil sevral times in the background of the call.

Amiil tries to do 4 accents: Midwest, New York Jew, Southern Generic, and VERY DEEP EUROPE (as he puts it). If you end up with Amiil on the line, and ask him anything in accordance to the subject he is calling you about, he will gladly answer. If you try to bring up actual tax code he seems to have a book on hand but its extremely outdated, but he WILL try. That tells me he has been doing this for a long time but is still nervous about people for some reason, or he sits next to his boss. Point is Amiil can not be socially engineered. He will hang up when it starts getting wierd but you can probably aggravate him.

The second and third people only do southern generic accents and are really bad at it. They will apologize to you if you ask them to just act normal as they are somewhat new on the job and are just trying to follow suit. They aren't good at accents, the one guy almost chokes when he tries, but they are still smart.

The last guy I have only talked to once so I can't say shit about him other than he really likes to eat on the job.

I'm making this a wiki so people can log numbers they find at the BOTTOM OF THIS POST. Please don't put them wherever. I want a concise list that people get.

Then lastly: I think they are using a VOIP system. When I call the closed numbers, someone is still there just listening to the open ring. I can hear them talk for a moment then hit a button and the generic "NO NUMBER HERE HEHEHE" thing that you get on normal lines pops up. That was recorded, its not a legit ring error. it also has given me these codes in callback error:


The 2BZ ones are recorded but I don't know about the others. Again, there is a guy on deck managing those empty rings so he can hear me when I talk in the error line, it doesn't echo back when you yell into it like it would if you called a disconnected house phone number.

If you get error codes, please put them next to your listed number. I want it formatted like this under the line below.



EXAMPLE: CITY - STATE - +1 (123)456 7890 | (error code)


Sooo... are you hunting them or STALKING them?

Hunting o.o they change their numbers and tactics. If I can scare them along the way then bonus ducks for that.

If i am remembering correctly, news channels say not to say "yes" when it comes to scammers, because then they have your voice and can do stuff with it.

Also, at&t has this thing that automatically hangs up on known scammers and telemarketing callers. The phone rings once, and then poof. It hangs itself up.

Also, just a general question. How do people get these jobs, and how much do they earn per hour?

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Update to this: We got another call, this time on my mom's phone. I missed picking it up but calling back gave me the "Company" MRO.

Found their website. Number is on it.


Anyone know if this is a real thing? I know that image is on shutterstock.

Edit: Never mind, this is a real thing, but I don't know what the fuck it is.

comeon man, you don't know how to do reconnaissance?

using WHOIS and scanning a website?

are these tech support scammers?

No insurance fraud. That number hasn't actually called back so I don't know if they are legit or not.