I'm about to upgrade

Hey there! So I'm thinking about upgrading my PC and need help with parts and such.

Here is my current build:   http://pcpartpicker.com/user/HelloImTinyT/saved/7vtNnQ

So I've figured the first step in upgrading is getting a new mobo and processor. I'm thinking of getting the AMD FX-8350. So what would you guys recommend as far as a mobo goes? Or if I should get other parts instead also feel free to let me know.

Edit: And yes this is a gaming rig ;)


i would personaly upgrade 3 things, mobo + cpu + gpu.

Do you have a budget in mind? For a pure gaming rig, i would recommend to go with an intel i5 if you can afford. reason is simple, haswell i5 has a much higher ipc and single threaded performance which still makes allot of sense in cpu bound or cpu + gpu bound gaming senario´s.

But it all depends offcourse on the total budget, because if you on a budget, then an AMD FX can still be a good choice.

Which games are you playing?

Go with the 8350 and a m5a99fx pro r2.0. boom done! best way to go

Yeah my budget is in the $300-400. So the reason for getting the i5 is it has a higher ipc and single thead, but what exactly does that mean? (Sorry if that is a dumb question) And right now I've been playing Borderland: The Pre-Sequel, and Shadow of Mordor, games like that, which my rig can run fine now I'm just trying to make it run even better on higher settings.

better single threaded performance basicly means faster cores, If you play allot of mmo´s who only use 2 or 4 cores, then you will basicly benefit a littlebit from that. However, if i look at your buget, and your current gpu, then its a bit of a hard debate.

I think in the end that a GPU upgrade would give more improvements then a cpu + mobo upgrade, i think that i would personaly upgrade the GPU first, and then save some money for a cpu + mobo upgrade.

But yeah like i said its a bit of a hard debate.