If you know about after effects, can you help me? (or tell me a good video editing forum to go to?)

Hey guys, this is still technically mac related because i use after effects on my mac :D if anyone can help that would be awesome


I have just camera tracked a clip (cod ghosts cinematic) and need to resize it because it was recorded in spectator mode as there is no theatre mode in ghosts, so it has this pesky writing saying spectator mode on the top. Its not letting me resize it after i camera tracked it (in after effects default 3d camera track), is there any other program that i can use to camera track the resized clip or camera track it then resize it, and if there is can you please go through it with me since i am quite new to this. I just want to put some element 3d writing on one spot. If you can't help me then maybe you can refer me to a good video editing forum?

thanks in advance!

If I'm understanding your problem correctly, that sounds like something that could be fixed by nesting compositions.

If you don't want to track your footage again but you still want to scale it in After Effects, the simplest way would be to nest it in a new composition. Drag and drop the composition with the tracked footage into a new one, and you should be able to edit it like any normal layer in AE (i.e., you can scale, rotate, translate, add effects, etc...).

If you ever have any questions about AE, http://www.videocopilot.net/ should be the first place you look. Tons of great tutorials and very active forums. The guy that runs the site is brilliant and really knows his stuff.

thanks so much!