If the guest uses Nvidia vGPU, can Looking-glass be used as a remote desktop?

Can I use looking-glass as a remote desktop?

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No, it’s for local machine only

Has anybody accomplished IVSHMEM over RDMA?

If you know how to code, you can certainly fork it and you could modify it to your heart’s content. Just make sure you contribute and make a pull request for this function. May @gnif will accept it, maybe he wont but that is the beauty of open source. You dont have to be limited by the original code.

Actually maintaining the code and checking it for security issues is another thing though.

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Yes, there was some efforts by a member in discord to implement this however the bandwidth required is out of the reach of most people to make it feasable.

LG is not, nor ever will be, designed to support any form of network transport. It goes against the design goals of the application to do so.

It is sort of amazing someone actually did that and while I have no desire to run LG through a network I am curious what was the actual bandwidth required and what screen resolution used?