If metal was a flavor what would it be?

I'm trying to help with a project that cators to the Teksyndicate community, so I ask, if metal were a flavor what would it be?  So far me and masskilla have come up with dark chocolate with rassberry brandy, coined 'Splosion Berry, I was also thinking chocolate chip with pineapple as an alternative, what do you guys think?



Yes, Ghost Chilly... or naga morich... I start my day (almost every day) with ghost chilies... either raw or in sauce form.

I'm not too into raspberry... I love berries... it's just the razzz that gets in the way.

never thought of using a spicy flavor, this is going in a bread like food, so that might work out

How about a blackberry then?

NICE keep these suggestions coming I'm going to try some combinations

It metal was a flavor, it'd be FUCK-YOU-RAPED-ON-AN-ALTER-sauce.  On a serious note, it'd be Death Venom Pepper, or Murder Chili, maybe Holocaust-suace, possibly Genocide-a-kia, ala Jolokia's, but deadlier.

ehhhhhhhhhh, I'm not used to spicy stuff so since I'm the one who has to test this recipe out I'm going to go with either a Fatalli or Chipotle depending on availability, you can try something more deadly with a different pepper but the over all taste should be the same

I was making up some of those things, but got me thinking of how to make them....DELICIOUS GASTRONOMY!

Sounds like a good question for someone with Synesthesia. Although I have never heard of Sound → gustatory synesthesia but I know Lexical → gustatory synesthesia exists.  I agree with everyone else who suggest foods that both burn while going in and coming out!

well chocalte and spice goes together very well. expecially in like a devil chocalte sorta cake.


Stout flavor

add some "tree blood" and you've got a winner

1. Beer with old sweaty socks. (some heavy machinehead stuff) 

2. Odins sweaty socks with a mug of mead (finland white-long-hair guys)

3.  The taste of licking some wierd music instrument from the hell. (Opeth - the special category)

4. The taste of nice and clean dude butt (emo screamo pleasure in pain)