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If linux is dead, if, what are you going to do?


Actually google is doing a pretty good job. Chrome os is turning into a more linux built core with electron, qt, and gtk being opened up more. That doesn’t mean I trust them, but I can go get a 250 dollar chrome book when I goto defcon next year and not be out of my element.


I think they removed the list of oppressed persons and just made it say “everyone”


Coraline dipshit was under judgement of being removed last I heard on the vine. She’s proved her notions and what her goals are and any trust that she had has been burned. Didn’t take long, but calling Eric S Raymond and Stallman Nazi’s isnat going to get you any friends in our world.


while ( !user.gibMonies() )





@sgtawesomesauce is it possible to move some of these replys into the CoC thread? or can mods not do that?


Leaders can move posts too.


Subconversations are fine.

If the thread goes full coc then move them.


That’s what I was worried about. If it’s ok with OP than I’m not gonna worry about it


I keep a close eye on my threads. No worries.


Just let me know if you need a move.


Did she really do that? Damn.

trying desperately not to ignite a political discussion

I saw the mailing list come through on patch, but never saw it get ack’d by more than two people.


Damn, here I was hoping something would happen.


I’m reading through the threads now.


Alright, I’m up to date:

[PATCH 1/2] code-of-conduct: Fix ambiguity about collecting email addresses

Latest email in thread:
On hold: They want to figure out who’s the maintainer of the CoC.

[PATCH 2/2] code-of-conduct: Strip the enforcement paragraph pending community discussion

Latest email in thread:

People aren’t happy with the TAB being turned into an enforcement agency.

Looks pretty quiet, I dunno if we’re going to see a merge on this one either.

Discussion latest:

They’re debating reverting to the original, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to get quorum.


Well at least the cencern levels are high and they aren’t leaving it alone.

I certainly won’t be going past kernel 4.16 for a good while.


Read the piece about microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core and tell me that it isn’t the same company it was when the road was paved for us.


I would use WIndows or nothing at all as I am not capable of using Linux. Heck I am looking at making a DOS box and similar in the near future as a project for fun and to keep me focused on positive stuff. Also if nothing was available I would go back to doing what I did before all this tech and OSes.


Linux is growing stronger!

Congratulations, Microsoft. You have managed to fuck up one of the few things you still did properly – just in time for every Xbox One owner to consider selling their units for holiday cash and devalue the brand even more.

I am looking forward to watching both Sony and IBM collectively beat you into submission over the next decade.