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Idiot roommate is running XP and Vista


That Start Button is a dead giveaway that something is off.

Since this is his network, you’re not going to be able to implement any of the network solutions…unless you can convince him to do it for you or grant you access to the equipment. Do you split the bill? This could be used as an argument for access privileges.


Isolate yourself with any cheap router. Plug his lan cable into your router’s wan. Please don’t try to mess with his equipment in any way as some people here suggest. If he wants to stay on unprotected OS then its his choice.


I just wonder something, over here in the UK, the routers we get free with the connection have the option to have two wifi’s (2.4GHz and 5GHz). I wonder if this acts as ‘sort of’ separate networks? In which case it could be a useful way to separate from your XP lover? :grinning:

I too have a good older friend (over 60 years old) and he hates change. As a result, the last 2 machines I built for him HAD to have Windows XP. It was fairly easy, but it does concern me as he uses financial websites, etc. So far, I have to confess he’s not been stung…that could relate to his lack of prawn interest if you know what I mean. He always claims that “Sainsbury’s [A large supermarket in UK] still uses XP, it’s brilliant!!!”, and when I go there and a self-service machine is being restarted, you hear the “bbbbbbrrrrrrrmmm”. Thing is of course, they have the resources to fix internal bugs, and many years ago probably had a programme created for them, so they’re now stuck with XP. He’s just one person and if he has problems, MS ain’t coming to the rescue unless he offers his life’s income to them!

Like almost everything, everyone has the right to choice. If it works for them, fine by me. If I warn them and then years go by and they lose either money or time, I’m not going to say “I told you so”, I’ll just recommend and fix and leave it at that. Humans, especially as they get older, become bloody stubborn to change!

Just my 2 pence, sympathies though! :smiley:


Yes and no, it depends on the router and how it is setup. most have both 2.4 and 5GHz bands on the same subnet but usually also have an option to setup a guest SSID on a different subnet which would separate the networks.


Both of those versions of Windows have officially been end of life Cycled by Microsoft as have all 9x xp vista and 7.x.


You might be giving the guy too much credit :stuck_out_tongue:

The font can be made larger & italic easy like original XP, it’s just that person didn’t do it. You can also use the exact same icon for the launcher and increase the panel size. The only different then is the angle of the curve, which is minor.


Ah, I see, so you were just lazy about precision or hotlinked a picture from the net that was lazy about it.


Just firewall your hosts appropriately. If you don’t trust old mate and aren’t securing your machines from him irrespective of the platform he’s running, you’re doing it wrong.

Either host based firewalling (all i’d bother with) or stick your own firewall in front of your machines and do NAT through it.

If you’re running an up to date OS and his machines are only getting owned because they’re old, you should be safe from whatever XP era exploit hits his machine anyway.

If you don’t agree with his network policy (his network, given he’s paying the bills or whatever) then set up your own.

Messing with HIS machines (replacing OS, or whatever) is not something you should be doing. Express your shock/horror or whatever, but he may have reasons for doing what he is doing and it’s his decision to make. Whether you think said reasons are valid or not is irrelevant. It isn’t your decision.


His place, his net, his bills… He wants to play around with the old 'ware - it’s his business, and none of yours. If anyone looks like an idiot in this scenario, it’s you, sorry.


Care to explain why?


I’m pretty sure I already did.


Running EOL operating systems is a considerable security risk for the machine and potentially the network surrounding that machine.

You didn´t. All you did was beeing unhelpful to the situation.


cries because we have windows 2000 servers at work.


So? It’s his machine and his network.

I’m plenty helpful. My advice remains the same: mind your own business. Internet is full of insecure hosts, and if having a couple more of those in your local net somehow threatens your security - you’re doing it wrong. Firewall the shit out of your machines. Pay for your own net access if it bothers you so much. But this “omg he’s using XP” evangelizing is idiotic.



see i can understand the windows xp, some apps may only run on it, old games etc…
BUT why the vista? windows vista was such horrible crap, that like spyware 10, i mean backd… no windows 10, that’s it right uses api prisons to push it onto people.
maybe show that person to try out running the windows xp apps through a vm on a lite gnu/linux os?

also u can tell me, that microsoft puts spying into their updates etc… just to make things worse if u want :smiley:

wouldn’t it be nice if microsoft would die a painful death tomorrow and all apis would be absorbed by gnu/linux and made free and everything would run on gnu/linux and thus no reason to run of the prisons that microsoft created (running one myself atm).


I know that this might not be the best place for it, but right now my brain just hurts from this.

You ever use DevRant? It’s a great place to post to every time you see something truly horrible, if you want those delicious time wasting Internet points.


Security risk? Sure. But if he has his reasons then maybe he deems the risks to be acceptable.

Putting your machine on a network at all is a risk, yet everyone here does it. Everything we do involves risk.

Again, his network, his computer, his call. Again, express your concern/dismay - fine.

But messing with his machine because you think you know better without his permission is no better than compromising it via malware for your own purposes.


I decommisioned an SQL server running on 2000 last year.

I’m pretty sure Windows 2000 is impervious to most modern malware as it doesn’t have recent enough software libraries to support it :smiley:


Just tell him existence is propaganda and he needs to end it in order to escape the government.