Ideas for old notebook/convertible of my wife

My wife has a new convertible and now we have this one here at home:

I’m thinking about what use I could make of it. An idea would be to install Android (BlissOS) and use it for media consumption. But this might cause some problems on my side, because Netflix needs Widevine L1 to run anything in HD.

Granted, the convertible only has a 800p screen, but I would still be able to view shows in 720p on Windows, while with Widevine L3 I would be stuck at 480p :frowning:

Does Linux offer something that works with Netflix? As far as I know, LibreELEC still manages to play Netflix at 1080p so there is a way of course, but currently I’m not sure.

In the end, I would really like Android, but Netflix not working is sort-of annoying for me…

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