Ideas for leap motion

So I got into the leap motion beta program and while I have this amazing device I've hit a writers block of what kind of applications to write for it. So what software would you want to see written for it. I'm pretty much just askin for ideas here.

Off the top of my head, hand controlled tetris? lol where you have to grab and spin each block around to make it fit. It's probably already planned and implemented but i always wanted to just be able to wave one hand left or right to go back and forward in browser history.

ok I just did that, waveing my hand gos forward and back and a circular motion clockwise and counter clockwise changes tabs and certain hand gestures opens up favorited sites. as for tetris I haven't seen or heard of anyone planeing to implement it so I see no reason why I shouldn't.

Totally make player controls!

Wave and control your movies and videos. Couch potatoing to the next level.

The leap motion would be AMAZING if it could be used for autodesk programs...

I think what i'll do is make a macro program that allows you to bind gestures and movements to input devices and such. when I get something that looks good I'll post a video.