Ideal Open firmware + IP camera combo


Would everybody please suggest what you believe is “the best” camera (in terms of features, resolution, computing power, codec support, reliability robustness, IP protection, etc…) that ALSO takes custom open-source firmware that, again, has the features you mostly want from it?

I have tried the Xiaomi Mijia 1080p (2018) camera & Openfang custom firmware. It requires clamping the chip on the camera PCB and writing to it through ch314prog.
It creates an RTSP server on the camera. However firmware seems buggy to me, a lot of things don’t work, plus no further development seems to be happening and features are pretty few.

If there could be a super-spec camera (I’m looking at Hikvision, primarily because of Wendell’s Nov 2019 video & post) that takes an actively developed firmware (even with few features at the moment), I would be happy

Well it all depends on what you are trying to do with that camera and what features it should have. If you just want to have a simple open source surveillance camera for indoor use why not look at a raspberry pi option. Otherwise it all depends on what you actually want to do with that camera and what the requirements are that you have.


Well all the features I mentioned above matter, eg:
Resolution & Image quality
Computing power
Codec support
Reliability (known manufacturer, good warranty, quality components)
Robustness (It can’t be easily messed with, unscrewed from the wall, possible have a microSD card stolen from it)
IP rating (outdoor resistance to the elements)

I hadn’t thought about the pi + camera, but it really lacks in robustness, cost of installing, image quality. But it is easily the most ‘open’ solution.

If I could have the hardware of a manufacturer that possibly expects to data-mine me (therefore making it a great bang for buck to purchase), but have the custom firmware on top of that, that would make it an ideal solution.

What open-source firmware projects are currently in development, and is there a direction the community is heading (towards particular hardware, or a specific project)?

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