ID90:Doom (My Doom4Quake mod...kinda)

Ok so i had a thing written down for what this is but sadly i have misplaced it so i will try to summarize the best i can so this is a doom 1 mod for quake i have been working on and off for the past 11 mounts or so because i was unhappy with the hd doom mod for source port engines like doomsday and never really liked doom 3 and i was developing this well befoul i know anything abort doom4/doom2016. so i decided to post a video of what i have right now as Kayne was talking abort it in a epsode of the tek that it would be nice to have the original doom but update to a new engine soo hear it is

Ok so some thing to note abort this video and the project in general
- I am the only dev working on it right now
- Its built in a heavily modded version of the quake engine call darkplaces
- The UI is a little stretched because i only just upgraded to 1080P from 1680x1050 and all the UI scale is hard coded because i dont know how to qc the math to make it auto scale
- The video is a little choppy because my graphic card just died (not because of the new monitor) and im borrowing a shitty one of a friend until i can get some money together to get a new one because im por people lol
- Video compression wasn't very nice to this it looks way better when your playing it in person

so if i find the thing had written for this post ill post it other then that enjoy i guess


Oh right what maps have i done? ok so
E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M8 and E1M9
have all there geometry complete however
E1M2 is the most complete as its the only one that has quake light and rt light done
E1M2, E1M3, E1M4 and E1M9 dont have light for ...reasons lol
E1M9's end is not scripted so you just die and reset the map not die and go to hell / finish the episode (idk how to do that yet and i have more pressing scripting issues to work out 1st like the lack of weapons)
E1M2 and E1M8 leaks like a sieve and E1M1 need to be completely rebuilt (you know what im on abort with the leaking if you have ever built maps for quake or half life)
and yes i am rebuilding all theas maps my hand as you can just convert the doom maps to 3d as there not really 3d its kinda hard to explain if you dont already know and yeah you could build a tool to convert the maps but it would take me long to build said tool then to just rebuild the maps and rebuilding the maps is more fun
hear a time laps of me building E1M3

if your interested ill post the rest of this time laps or any othere videos and screenshots and stuff

I started to do the quake lights for E1M3 of the week when i had some free time

its starting to look good but its going to take a wile and i still have to fix the ui -__- well until then hears some more screenshots even know there not 1080P i will be fixing this soon though

well i would but new users can only post 2 images per post
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