I'd like some help with this OC

I'd like to share some results of my OC just to do a double check and confirm everything is OK.
3930k @4ghz - H100 2 Fans.
ASUS IV Extreme Edition
GTX 680 DirectCUII OC Edition
GSkill RipjawsX 4x4GB @1600mhz
XFX 1050 80+ GOLD

The CPU VCore is set to Manual not Offset at 1.2V

At the moment these are the screens and results I've got (prime95 running in the background)

Yep, everything looks ok in my eyes. If it's stable after Prime95, you can still push it more.

coming from a prof. pic saying "you are dead" i'm a little worried :P


You can push it waaay more. Have the same setup with an H80 and I got 4.2ghz stable without trying. 


running linX full load at 4.4 i only hit 70 degrees after about five minutes, so clearly This 3930 is fine with the OC.


Now I set it up at 4.2ghz lets see how it goes... thanks guys.