IcyDock m.2 PCIe hotswap adapater giveaway

Here we have the




This is pretty cool. You can transform a pcie slot into a removable m.2 ssd bay. Great heatsink/cooling design.

And Level1 is giving one away!

Just reply below with what you’d use it for. Love to see pics of your home lab if that’s what you’re going to use it for.


I don’t need it. Good luck everybody!

I would use it for game drives in my personal ATX rig.
Need more space for games? Just buy another cheap m.2 on sale and replace the drives like cartridges :sweat_smile:


id love to use it for my new AI/Simulation Build as id be able to store different datasets on different drives and be able to keep track of all my projects with individual drives.

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Would be cool have in the main rig for better speeds then usb adapters

I’ve been eyeing one of these for my Windows dual boot. Been giving me trouble with my bootloader and some games I play; this would let me just remove Windows when I want, nice and easy

I would have to get a 2nd so I could move it between my systems since I have 2 workstations, moving OS/Data

Would pop into a server we have with unRAID for use as a VM storage since its main storage is spinning rust.

Would use it as a way to make sure I do not nuke my Fedora or Windows install again.

I’d use it to put older NVMe’s in my rig and let SQL’s temp db thrash them to death.

Oh, this would be fun! I run Openshift on oVirt in my homelab and I would love to test oVirt gluster vs openshift OCS performance. This would let me add m.2 to servers that may not have any

I run several applications with high performance storage needs! This would be great to let me add a swappable m.2 drive without needing to disassemble the enclosure.

Backups, would love to use it for my LUKs backup drives.

I’d like to throw it in my old xeon workstation and have access to M.2 storage for faster access than the sata ssd I use currently.

I recently found out, to my extreme frustration, that the B450 Tomahawk Max I have in my main system has only a single NVMe slot, and I am looking in to expanding my storage with more.

So this would solve a really annoying problem for me.

It baffles me that full sized ATX board has a single m.2 slot while the mATX version of this same mother board (Mortar Max?) has two.

would use it for work to troubleshoot pc’s with nvme drives that fail, and to image them with new os’s quickly.

This would be great for trying different os’s and not have to deal with duel booting.

I’d use it like the Syquest drive in my old Amiga 2000 An stick for Games, another for VMs, others for Backups Basically just for stuff I don’t use all the time I could just swap in the needed drive as that material is needed

I really don’t need this, so please don’t consider me for the giveaway. But wanted to say this would be a great expansion for a homelab hypervisor that’s running on desktop class hardware. Most budget builds are running on older hardware that only have support for Gen3 NVMe drives. With this adapter you could add a screaming fast Gen4 drive for the guest OS’s.

There are PCIe boards for that, up to 4 NVMe drives, provided the slot itself has bifurcation of its lanes. Cheap ones from Aliexpress et all, more expensive ones which may or may not need bifurcation and 16x lanes, being equipped with an internal PCIe switch, which costs quite a bit more :wink:


As for the give-away product: I have no use-case for it ATM. Besides, I have a number of single drive PCIe-to-NVMe adapters spare. I was hoping for a cheap-still-decent 1TB NVMe drive in prep for an upcoming file-server upgrade during the ‘black friday’ sales, but alas, finances are tight as I’m expecting some unexpected expenditure :roll_eyes:

It would become a backup for my main server

I would use it to increase my available storage space. As I have run out of room in my case