iCloud account hacked?

Hey everyone,

Does this sound like my dad's iCloud account was hacked? My dad (extremely tech challenged) bought an iphone 6s off ebay which was sealed and brand new. He used the phone several months without any problems.

For some reason about a week ago he decided to reset the iphone. I don't know what he did but he ended up having the phone get Activation Lock. When I try to log in his icloud account I get "locked for security reasons".

The icloud account is m***@icloud.com. The external email associated with the icloud is m***@live.co.uk which we never had an email from uk domain. The 3 security questions are completely different then what was set when creating the icloud account.

I'm thinking someone got the password and changed the associated email and the security questions. If that's the case how do you proof that you are the account owner without the original receipt?

What are you thoughts? Beside how much apple sucks.

It's possible that someone guessed the password and changed the settings. The fact his icloud account is locked for security reasons, may indicate that Apple was aware that something is wrong and locked the account. Here is a link to instructions on resetting a locked account.


Contact the seller, its most likely the resellers email, if he cant cant give you the answers demand a refund. The Iphone is basically bricked. Other best hope is phone applecare but they will just tell you the same thing.

I've been completely locked out of my Apple account before because I typed in random characters for the security questions and didn't save them.

Calling them is probably your best bet. The phone support is generally quite good.

I've talked to 6+ reps. The last one was a "senior advisor" basically said I have to get the original sales receipt or get the right answers for the security questions.

I've contacted the seller and he confirmed that it was shrink wrapped when he sent it out. So it's not his account.

I'll call them again tomorrow and ask to investigate if the email and security questions have been changed.

Shrink wrap means virtually nothing these days. Sophisticated scammers have access to the necessary equipment to repackage products to look new.

Just the other day my sisters iaccount had a different phone number set up as the emergency phone number ( the number that gets used when Apple wants to send you information on getting a new password ) maybe people are targeting Apple users now.