IBM SpaceSaver II Keyboard - replacement trackpoint board

Hello there! :grin:
I write this topic seeking the help of the community with a problem that I myself created (go figure, right?), I know that IBM keyboards are kind of popular even if this might be a bit of a stretch, but let’s start from the beginning.

A while ago I got myself an IBM NetBay 42U rack for my homelab that came with a nice collection of stuff in it, among this wonderful stuff came also an IBM SpaceSaver II keyboard with trackpoint to go together with the IBM KVM.

The model should be IBM SpaceSaver II KPD0035, but searcing online the “KPD0035” part held not many results probably because this is the version with the italian layout, however I found that there is the “KPH0035” that looks exactly the same and seems to be more common being the one with the US layout.

It was fully functional when it came into my possession but it was so disgustingly crusty that I wouldn’t go near it with a 10 foot pole and gloves on so I decided to clean it with a big toothbrush and some microfiber cloths, and it worked perfectly.

Problem is, I snapped the trackpoint stem/plastic part doing so. (yes yes “SACRLIEGE!” don’t tell me, it bothers me to no end still today) I tried glue it back together but sadly it does not work anymore.

I tried to find a replacement online and looked in almost every corner of ebay/aliexpress and such without any luck whatsoever even trying to find in old IBM pdfs with replacement parts if there was something matching one of the codes on the little trackpoint board but that too was a dead end. I only manage to find the red rubber nipples but no board.

I know this is not one of the fancy and valuable model M/F, it’s just a compact membrane keyboard with a trackpoint, but it is IBM and a decent performer for rack duty, I would really like to restore it to full working order, so if anyone knows if the trackpoint board or even the white stem thing could be replaced or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have anything specific to point you too but I know there exists hobbiests versions of the track point that I have seen DIY or built into custom mechanical keyboards.

Someone wanted to make a DIY TEX Yoda I think and they found mouse pointing sticks. It was definitely in r/mechankeyboard at some stage in the past.

I will try find it a little later. I have some stuff to do here first.

Here is a reddit search for trackpoint on r/mk

There are some but they look different, I only skimmed the top.

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Thanks for your feedback, I did find those trackpoint modules but the low profile ones look like the ones used in the “laptop version” of the keyboard and the tall Yoda II looks like it could be phisically adapted, I could maybe 3d print something or make an alluminium plate to adapt it, but the main problem there is that all the ones I’ve seen have an onboard chip controller of some kind and some more interface pins than the one on the keyboard

the IBM module from what I understand looking at the board has just phisical connections to the trackpoint, no chips or smarts, so i think using one of the new ones would be difficult to make interface it with the controller on the keyboard (plus I don’t have any pinouts whatsoever which doesn’t help)

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But they may be able to point you to the parts you need, if they found alternatives.

May I interest you in the Japanese model m? Track point and buckling springs in a similar foot print.

Or possibly the m13 in full battletank glory and larger footprint.

Will look for parts

I have a fully working KPD0035, in very good conditions.
I also have a 2-n-1 PS2 USB adapter very useful for this keyboard.
Let me know if you’re interested, I can send pictures if you like.

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