IBM S50 Retrofit

1 broken laptop(screen/battery connector) + 1 old IBM = 10 dollar ghetto build!

Build goals.

  1. Looks original from the outside.
  2. Reasonable operating temperatures.
  3. Quiet running.
  4. Use the minimum amount of bought fittings.

The beast. (take notes fractal)

The tools. Super glue and mounting hardware.

The gutting.

The temporary test fit(with new old heat sync). Runs okay even with cardboard restricting airflow.

The mounting hardware for the motherboard(nylon m3x12mm bolts with threaded m3x12mm spacers)

Bottom side of the motherboard with the threaded spaces bolted in place. Gives some good air flow under the motherboard while keeping plenty of space with a heat sync on top and a new fan setup.

Final test fit before mounting the threaded spacers to the case. Also ripped the old CD drive out and decided it was a cheeky place to hide the power brick. Ripped of the CD drive faceplate and glued it back into the case, You cant even tell the CD drive has been removed now(unless you try to insert a disc lol)

Well I'm getting there... sort of. Also i just realized this the first micro ATX build I've done haha (very professional). Not sure if this is thread worthy, so just tell me to remove it if its cramping your style.

Mounting the spacers to the case with super glue now. Business shoes are a must for holding weights. I'm gluing just the spacers so that I can remove the mobo at anytime with just a screwdriver.

So the laptop board is still working? Just the screen and power port were broken? Pretty cool. What are you going to do with the extra space? and what about I/O?

The I/O matches up perfectly to the original cutout, so i'm looking at making a custom plate for it out of the old lock bridge which i removed to get more inside case clearance. Also Toshiba conveniently placed a single usb port on the right hand side of the mobo which i can use to connect up the duel USB ports up front.

The laptop is fully functional including the power port, its the internal connection to the battery that was damaged. The screens ribbon cable had somehow been torn (laptop wasn't actually mine). Its got a Core i7-3630QM and a Radeon HD76xx, not sure of the exact GPU yet (haven't checked to be honest).

Also a side note on the photo above: the battery is being used a temporary brace piece while the spacers are set.

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