IBM model M with KVM

I have been considering using a hardware kvm with a couple of my computers and my IBM model M & mouse (razer one I got with nice discount).

However since I know these IBM keyboards eat up 10x more electricity than the average keyboard I wonder if I'll need to get some specialized kvm monster to do this properly.

Additionally, since one of pc's doesn't have a ps/2 port I'll have to use my trusty dark blue USB Adapter machine on that pc while the other has a proper ps/2 port. Might that be a problem when using a kvm?

Maybe someone here has some experience with these devices.

Haven't tried using my model m's with a kvm, perhaps @wendell has done this before.

OK, I'm a Model M snob and a rabid KVM user.
The model of KVM switch probably matters a little more with a Model M.
If you have a KVM switch that is externally powered, you probably won't have a problem.

The PS/2 to USB adapters I have were the cheapest ones I could find at Fry's... about $6 each (mouse and KB to USB). They have worked both in front of the USB KVM I have as well as behind the PS/2 KVM I have. Both KVMs I have are from IOGEAR.

I like IOGEARs products, but the models I have are very old and no longer in production or supported.

The PS/2 to USB adapters I use look like this. Seeing as they are generic Chinese, they are probably the same. Translucent USB connector, and silvery looking cables.

Oh, if you have a black label or brushed steel label PS/2 keyboard, you might need to disconnect one pin on some KVM switches. That pin allows some KVM switches to cascade to a 2nd KVM switch. You can use 2 PS/2 to AT adapters, male to female, and female to male to disconnect your 6th pin. Or you can clip it. Blue label Model M keyboards don't have this problem from my experience.

Brushed Steel Label (very old and desirable)

Black label (more desirable than blue label)

Blue label (Lexmark made)

I don't know how it works with the Industrial models, but I presume it't the same as black label.


After thinking about this for a few minutes, odds are you aren't getting a PS/2 & VGA KVM.

So you are probably getting a USB KVM. That should simplify things. If the USB to PS/2 adapter you have works, you should be fine because USB provides a fair amount of juice. You probably won't need external power (but it can be helpful depending on if the motherboards you have output 5v when the system is off).

The bad news is that the display port, HDMI, and even DVI KVMs are a little expensive. Just the cost of doing business.

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