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IBM Acquires RedHat


IBM Corp (IBM.N) said on Sunday it had agreed to acquire U.S. software company Red Hat Inc (RHT.N) for $34 billion, including debt, as it seeks to diversify its technology hardware and consulting business into higher-margin products and services.

It underscores IBM chief executive Ginni Rometty’s efforts to expand the company’s subscription-based software offerings, as it faces slowing software sales and waning demand for mainframe servers.

“The acquisition of Red Hat is a game-changer … IBM will become the world’s No. 1 hybrid cloud provider, offering companies the only open cloud solution that will unlock the full value of the cloud for their businesses,” Rometty said in a statement.

IBM wants to secure its position in the cloud, and this acquisition should help them accomplish that.
This will probably mean increased funding and focused development for Redhat, which is good imo.


Awww yeah! Red Hat will be the forefront Linux distro now. Having all the coolest latest and experimental features. And they will have this huge budget to do things.


Red hat confirmed it on twitter

Today is a banner day for #opensource. Red Hat will be combining forces with @IBM in the largest software transaction in history and it’s an open source company. Read Paul Cormier's thoughts:

— Red Hat, Inc. (@RedHat) October 28, 2018

Article from red hat themselves in their site:


inb4 people start panicking because “big Blue” is back from the dead.


Much more reliable :slight_smile:


Red Hat Twitter confirmed this hour


@AdminDev get over here. Although your a Debian guy. I think you’ll enjoy this.




@zeta_n This isn’t reddit, don’t just post a link and leave the discussion. Include some of your thoughts.


I really hope they dont abandon x86 for ppc…


It will be interesting to see what happens. The main think I want to know is if red hat will get more money to spend from this or if nothing changes, or if they will be absorbed. The latter would be a bad move imo.


More money and focused development.


I don’t think they will.

They’ll definitely get good PPC support though. That’ll be nice.

amd64 is too prevalent to abandon it.

I wonder what that means for Linux and other free software projects.

Are we gonna see upstreamed patches?


Hopefully the libreoffice suite can get funding to get complete ms office document support. That would be huge.


IBM has been so focused lately. They are just trying to capture cloud market.


They do that already, unless you mean IBM tech?

from the red hat posts it looks like they will word as a distinct group in IBM which is good.


одна неделя


Are we sure this is a good thing? Or is it IBM buying out a competitor so they can shut ‘em down?

AIX forever! /sarcasm


My big concerns are CoreOS and OpenShift/Origin. As long as they remain as well supported as they are currently, I’m all for this move. Hopefully RH can start hitting release timelines for those projects :smiley:


Let us hope that IBM do not do to Red Hat, what they did to OS/2.