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I9-9900k 5.1 overclock


82c on 1.356 is pretty good. Mind double checking in hwinfo?


What kind of cooling?


1HP chiller



Have you tried gaming in the bath? Shit’s incredible.


I ran out of ice for my bath.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am in no way trying to sh*t on his achievement and in no way trying to derail.

As a cinema4d user (who these scores mean a lot to) getting 2128 over my 1784 (which I get at stock, with whisper quiet operation and temps that never go above 60) with a 1.1ghz frequency boost vs my 2700x doesnt seem all that impressive.

Clocked 27.50% higher but only 19.28% faster in a workload that squeezes every ounce out of the cores threads available.

I admit hands down his will run rings around mine at gaming but for cinema4d, that doesnt seem all that impressive.


My benchmarks aren’t all that impressive either, I didn’t read too much into it and only tried a few things.

I’ve no idea how much time or effort he has put in. I took “so far” to mean he’s just starting or looking to improve. I also took a look at the scores for that processor and it seems he’s being safe and practical because he just got it, and is starting small.

My problem is when the AMD fisters come into every Nvidia and Intel thread, take a giant, watery crap, and act like they did nothing wrong.


2nd worst is the apple hater fanboys

Is 5.1 good on the 9900k or that is pretty average?


last I read, some people were managing 5.3 on 360 rads… which isnt too exotic when it comes to cooling.


360 is exotic for average user, but by no means crazy amounts of cooling or anything to write home about. Wonder how much power its gulping down at 5.3 tho



Corsair H150i pro


that random 1.439v straggler tho. If I were in your position I would definitely lock the voltage to 1.360 or less if it was stable enough. Also try a longer load because I have a feeling once saturated its going to be hard to keep 82c.


Well if you want a decent X470 board that could handle the 2700X max potential under stress all the time.
Then you are looking into the upper tier of boards.
And those boards arent far away from the 300 bucks mark.
But of course a 2700X is cheaper then a 9900K signifcantlly.
But a 9900K is also faster, even at stock speeds allready.

But still yeah nice scores.


Actually this is average.


What is 82c?


82C is fine. :slight_smile:


I was asking him what he meant by average.

NVM I see it now. Discourse on mobile is being a real pos.

@soulfallen you would probably know more than I but I bet there’s more in er’. his clocks aren’t super high but he’s also on auto voltage. I bet there’s another 100hz or so headroom if vcore was locked to where it’s sitting average now.


Yeah there is probablly still allot of fine tuning he could do,
to even get a littlebit more out of it.
tinkering with LLC and what not.


Ya I have a lot of tuning to do yet, but I don’t do this often so I’m still workin on it.