I9-9900k 5.1 overclock

So far I’m up to a 5.1ghz oc on my new I9-9900k at 82c under stress tests. CB r15 score 2128


whats your voltage at and what board?

I have the z390 Aorus Master board using the gigabyte Extreme tuning utility it does not show voltages that I’ve found yet. I just tarted tinkering with it yesterday night so I still have a way to go. I will say this both the board and the Processor blow the h*** out of the 2700x I just bought.

850 dollar+ processor and motherboard SHOULD blow the shit out of a 2700x. Seriously, that’s like showing up at a track day with a 911 Turbo and bragging you are beating Carreras.


So you’re just running it auto then. Any info on VID?

$550 USD

Only shitty 3rd party sellers are pushing it higher.

Processor AND motheboard. That motherboard is around 300.

Sure but you could spend that much on a comparably specced AMD board.

You could, but you don’t have too spend 300 for a motherboard for a 2700x. It doesn’t what AMD is offering, that 850 dollar combo SHOULD stomp anything on the market in certain performance situations as its the most expensive non-HEDT platforms out there right now.

You dont have to spend 300 on a z390 either. That board just happens to have the best VRM setup for the money. Same for the x470 maximus for AMD in the same price range. If you’re going to go all out might as well right? i9 is HEDT

It does. You’re using one person’s specs that is playing around against Ryzen numbers across the board I’m guessing?

Looking at the 9900k cb scores online, it does stomp the shit out of poverty AMD.

Stop bitching about what people spent their money on.


The motherboard he stated IS a 300 dollar motherboard.

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its 290 but sure, we can round up. the maximus which AFAIK is the best VRM setup you can get for x470 is 280. Pretty close IMO.

Who said I was bitching? I’m simply saying that of course an 850 dollar combo SHOULD beat a 2700x.

Your first post

“Seriously, that’s like showing up to something with a whatchacallit”

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Lets Not worry about the price it was just an observation. the voltage on cpu id is 1.356 volts btw.


Nice. Looks like you got a decent bin.

Not bitching, just stating the obvious in response to the comment about it blowing the hell out of the 2700x.

Lol dont be so triggered friendo. We get it, dollar for dollar the AMD is better bang.

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ok guys, enough derail

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That’s what people do.

“I just bought a 4790k. Smokes the shit out of my last one!”

“Just got a triple prostitute, better than the 2 I had last week :sunglasses:

“Bro, have you seen the new RTX? R.I.P. VEGA69!”

You draw comparisons based on your experience. You coming in with emphasising words in all caps comes off as incredibly sarcastic.

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