I9 7920X ROG Rampage VI Extreme - Check CPU?

Hi all,

Recently I’ve been having a not so great time with hardware; and given my location, pretty “stuck” at the moment. This is regarding a build that I did a while back where I used an H115 AIO.

I’ve always got “Check CPU” errors and the trick I found to get it to work was to do a soft-reset, i.e. hold the power-button down, then power back up.

This brings up the UEFI in ‘safe-mode’ of sorts and I can then boot Citrix XenServer and things used to be fine… until couple days ago.

Now… the system reboots whilst XenServer is running. WAT!

Right, so this weekend I took the H115 AIO off, checked socket pins, they looked good; placed the CPU back, gave it a bit of a wiggle. And threw on a Noctua NHU-14S which has since been nicely tensioned.

I ran into error code A2 (yes, no drives were plugged in)… but there was nothing on display. Then the dreaded Check CPU was back.

I haven’t been able to test much since, but thought I’d post here anyways.
EDIT: I’m running the latest UEFI.


I’m assuming you’ve stripped the build to as few parts as possible and tested? E.G. disconnect everything that is not absolutely necessary to boot? Have another CPU you can test with?

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Hoping it wouldn’t get to that, but yeah, ultimately I’d need to test with another CPU. Will do a strip down soon.