i72670qm overheating like a bi**h

Well i have been using  my Alienware M14xr2 for some time now ( around 1.5 yrs) and the cpu temps were always stable around 60c but recently its idling at around 95c and this is without  using turbo.

The specs :

i72670qm (2.20 GHz)

8 Gb at 1333

GT 555m ( Overclocked slightly)

250 GB Samsung SSD

I bought the thing in the US but am currently studying in Singapore and it has a 3 year warranty but its not international so i am kinda out of options in that department.

 Should i reapply the thermal paste ? any other solutions to keep the thing from burning a hole in my laptop ? or is it time to upgrade ?

any suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Ouch thats really hot if your still using the stock cooler,ide go and get a aftermarket cooler ive got the "coolermaster 212 evo" on my i7 2700k and it fixed all my overheating problems. :) but yeah reapplying thermal paste is a good idea.

I think you missed the part about it being a laptop :P


Have you tried taking some canned air and cleaning the dust out of it? Also, nice one Tom...

It also could be from the humidity in Singapore? <- Just a Guess!?!?

Seems like a nice idea , ill get on that asap 

Check for dust build up and that the fan is running properly, if that's all good then i guess aplying new thermal paste is all you can do as it's a laptop.

That's kinda hot, even for mobile cpus. Maybe you should try re-applying the thermal paste if you can open it up. Or use a vacuum cleaner on the heat grill..Not much else you can do

Just ordered the paste and canned air , it should be arriving in a few days hopefully this solves the issue. I have some experience with opening the thing as i upgraded the hard drive but are there some other things  apart from grounding myself that i should be careful about  ?

Oh yah.... Taking apart a laptop entirely and attempting to apply new thermal paste is one of the biggest pains of being a PC Technician. I have done this around 2 times in the past and it is a last resort option... You can easily break or scratch cables, the motherboard, and other electronic equipment.  My best advice would to take your time and take lots of pictures when you take apart the machine. I hope this helps...

I had to completely disassemble my Asus g72 laptop multiple times long before I built a desktop or knew very much about computers in general. I didn't find it too difficult though. I put a t9900 in it and it would heat up to around 98c on full load regardless of what thermal paste was used. Around the same temps for the 260m as well.