i7 3770k Overclocking Advice?

Hey all, so I WAS having trouble overclocking my 3770k past 4.3 GHz on my MSi z77A-G43; however, I knew I was probably scratching the surface as I only increased the turbo core to 43 (4.3Ghz) on each core and left the v.core on auto.

I recently increased the v.core to 0.08000 which gave me a max v.core of 1.264v which did not pass the OCCT stress test (errors found)

THEN I increased my DRAM voltage (can't remember the amount) and that seemed to stabilize the overclock.

I was able to reach 4.5GHz with the same previously stated v.core voltages and the increase in voltage to my RAM. I did not increase the speeds nor change the timings.

My temps are VERY good! I max out at 67C but stabilize at 59-62C after half an hour of stress testing.

So my question is, what other settings can I tweak in order to get a higher overclock? I would like to reach 4.8Ghz if possible

Also, what settings do you guys tweak in order to max out your overclocking potential?

I would get your system to be really stable at 4.5 and leave it there make sure your ram and cpu are rock solid and maybe do a little ram OC and then stress test for like 24hrs and make sure its all good.  There is nothing more frustrating than OCing to what seems stable and finding out mid game or what ever and your computer gets a BSOD or an error.  My 3770k does 4.3ghz at 1.16v if that tells you anything

I have the same mobo, but the non k version of your chip. I can only go up to 4.1 on all cores with multiplier( on current BIOS version), but have bumped up my FSB/base clock whatever that is called. Sitting at 103 at the moment, can get up to 105 no problem if it is cold. Increases my cpu, and RAM clocks but can be more difficult to troubleshoot problems. Had to drop clocks on my GPU, everything else is running fine. What speed is your RAM running at?

I'm currently running 1600MHz. I overclocked it to 1800MHz in order to try and sustain a 4.6GHz overclock but got a BSOD while stress testing. not sure if I should increase the V.core, RAM voltage, or RAM speed. But I guess I'll try all three. My temps are well within safe parameters still, so I think I can push it further.

I'm surprised that you can overclock at all with the non-k version. I thought the clocks were locked?


Well, so far it seems really stable. On Saturday night I ran OCCT for 15 minutes, then ran 3D Mark Firestrike, Unigen Valley and the Metro 2033 Last light benchmark. Afterward I played the Witcher 2 for an hour. The next day, I played Dark Souls for about 2 hours and I haven't had any problems at all , I ran OCCT again for 35 minutes with no problems and my temps rarely break 60C during real world gaming.

I've never done a stress test for more than an hour and fifteen minutes, I didn't think it was necessary. Do I really have to run a stress test for 24 hours?

Are you trying to push it harder for the sake of it or are you lacking in performance? My 3770k runs @ 4.3 at 1.03v with just the asus probe 2 autotuning application. I could push it harder but I have little reason to, that's not the bottleneck....

just try and keep the voltage under 1.3v for the cpu v core

BTW I also used to run a 4.3GHz overclock at around the same voltages. It wasn't up until I increased the DRAM voltage that I was able to run 4.5GHz with no problems so far.

Have you tried increasing the DRAM voltage?

I read that JJ from Asus states that 1.42 should be the limit. Anything above that is risky.

I'm currently fine running at 4.5Ghz. I just want to see what my setup is truly capable of. Honestly though, I'm not lacking in performance. All my games and applications run great.


I decided 1.35 was the top limit I am willing to go. Ivy non-k's can overclock a little bit more just using the multiplier, any other gains I make I have to use the FSB clock. This affects the speed of everything, so if you are doing this for shits and giggles like I am, you best run through a variety of stress tests. Y-cruncher is a favorite of mine. I like to do  a quick run on intel burn test if I am able to boot to windows, then run y-cruncher. If everything appears to be ok I stress my gpu. You might want to drop RAM speed if you are going for just a cpu oc. Less stress on the IMC, otherwise you have to give it a little more juice to keep everything happy. Also, if you only changed the frequency you might want to loosen RAM timings, then tighten them back up again til you find something stable.

I've never heard of Y-cruncher. I'll check it out. As for the RAM timings I've never been brave enough to change those...mainly because I don't understand how timings work.

So far though, everything seems happy at 4.5Ghz.

But I'll look into changing different settings to reach higher clocks.

Well, if you are changing RAM frequency (1800 from my understanding) you ought to read up on Overclocking RAM. It does affect your cpu OC. Y-cruncher works like prime95 as far as I can tell,but it runs through a more varied test. You would have to ask brennanriddell about it, he introduced it to me. Seems to be the most reliable program for stress testing.

Really?! Then I'll definitely give it a look. Thanks.

I had 3770K before I got myself 4960X and 3770K I had just did not go well with low voltage when I tried to OC that thing.


The lowest I could get it without causing problem was 1.345V to get it to 4.5Ghz, and the temps were near 90 under continuous full load with Corsair H90 cooler.