I7 2700k new overclock 4ghz 105W! is it safe? :( help please

Hi guys ive recently just done a light overclock on my I7 2700k i simply set the multiplyer to 4 and disabled turbo boost to keep it constant. I ran intel burn it test and core temp. in core temp it showed my wattage go up to 105!!! im really scared that ive done something wrong and possibly damaged something please help. 

Is this ok to run. Im new to overclocking, Ive disabled pll overvolting is this why the wattage has gone up and if so am i better to enable overvolting. :( im really confused and worried ive damaged my pc which is out of waranty. :(

Thats fine. The 95W is a rough estimate/guideline for stock speeds max power draw (however I think the TDP is more to do with heat output than anything else), wattage always goes up when overclocking. Hell, an FX 8350 overclocked can pull in the neighbourhood of 200W even though its rated TDP is 125

You clock is up as high as you can keep it cool, I've seen stable OCs at 5GHz. As long as your temps never go above 90C your fine, get an H100i and that should keep you cool all the way up to 4.4-4.6GHz as long as you don't need to jump your Vcore up a massive amount.

i ran my i5-2500k for 24 hours @ 1.3v on prime95 and it barely touched 70c on one core... I dialed it back to 4.5 and lowered the voltage a bit to run all the time cause there's no need for 4.9... but yea... it's capable of much higher than that with no problem

Thanks for all your help guys youve put my mind at rest. :)