i53570k OC

Hi folks, its been a long time since I OCed my CPU, and Id like to do it again, i had it running at 4.2 all the time before but now im at normal speed, i lost the instructions and notes i had when doing it, specially the software involved, plus i dont know if things have changed regarding Intel OC , i have the following components: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Foxslink/saved/#view=khjKHx
Any help or tips would be appreciated


Same CPU and board and for a 4.2 OC which I basically set when I bought it and left it for the next 3 years simply involved setting either the CPU clock multiplier to 42 or setting the turbo multipliers to 42,42,42,42 or 42,42,41,40 if you wanted drop the temps bit under load in the BIOS. My only assumption is that you have decent TIM applied and a good air/water which you appear to have.

The only software invovled would be something like Prime95 or AIDA64 to run a stress test for a while to test temps and stability.

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