i5 4670k vs i7 4700k for Auto CAD and Gaming

Hey guys,

This is actually my first time posting on this forum. Becaue the other forums that I joined haven't been giving me the information that I want, I decided to post on this one, maybe I will get better luck. I am building a pc, I will put the link below. I want this pc to be a gaming pc. But I am worried that an i5 4670k won't be enough for gaming AND auto cad (I will need AutoCAD for school). What do you guys think? Should I stay with an i5 or switch to an i7?


Here is my build.... http://pcpartpicker.com/user/vicenteg24/saved/NxZ2FT

I will be playing games like PS2, BF3, BF4, Dota 2, Dead Space 1,2,3, Titanfall, CS:GO, SimCity, The Walking Dead, and any other game that ppl recommend to me and/or is really popular. 

If you have any other opinions on how I can improve my build, PLS TELL ME!!!!

i5 will be fine. The i7 will be faster in productivity tasks, but probably not $100 faster. Better off placing that additional $100 into the GPU, since applications are GPU accelerated, and games would benefit, obviously. Or alternately, a better chassis and a better PSU, in your circumstance.

If you got the cash to spare, then pick the i7. But if I were you, I would get the i5 and pick better rounded components.

Is the gpu that I have good?

The gpu is more then you need for autocad and is great for gaming. The i5 is fine. Get more memory. 16 gigs should be a good amount for a build to learn cad on.

get a cheaper motherboard and get the i7

and you can go with 16gb 1600mhz too instead of more expensive and marginally faster RAM.

More is better

The 290 is brilliant, which is why I tried to gesture you to other upgrades. Like RAM, the case, the PSU.

recommend any cheaper motherboards that are good for gaming?

recommend any good ram like that? Corsair? AMD? 

Going with a SLI motherboard without using SLI doesn't make much sense. Anything cheaper is better because motherboards make an intangible difference in frames per second in games.

recommend any good ram? Corsair? AMD?

in my build, any where you recommend I put more money into?

Pretty much anything will work.  Brand does not really matter when it comes to RAM.