i5-3570k: advice for 5 GHz under 1.35v

Hey all.

I currently got my  i5 3570k to 4.8 GHz @ 1.302v but I am having some trouble getting to 5 GHz. I am hoping there are some tweaks I can do to make it without cramming voltage down it's throat. I want to stay under 1.35v. 

So far I have only adjusted the boost clock multiplier and boost clock voltage. I like the power savings when I'm not playing games or etc.


I5 3570k

Asrock z77 extreme 4

16gb G skill sniper [email protected] (4x4)

**using aida64 for stability test... Not prime 95

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

well...considering that I need 1.5 volts to run 4.8 ghz stable on my 4670K I think you have one hell of a chip. I find it hard to believe you can hit 5 ghz under 1.35 volts, thats insane, I have never seen such a thing. Then again, it is an ivy bridge cpu, so the voltage might be different from my Haswell (since they changed a lot of the architecture) 

How is stability at 4.9 Ghz? because if you can't hit 4.9 ghz at 1.35 volts it will not happen at 5 ghz. Once you get past a certain point, it starts to take a large amount of extra voltage to reach the next 100 mhz. I run 4.6 ghz stable at 1.33 volts, but 4.5 ghz runs stable at 1.29 volts, but I need 1.4 volts to run 4.7 ghz, and 1.5 volts for 4.8. For 5 ghz I would probably need 1.65 volts (which is uncomfortably high)

yeah, the ivy bridge is a bit easier to overclock. I had mine at 4.4 without increasing voltage. I know people have mentioned tweaking other clocks in order to squeeze out a little more out of the CPU, but I haven't fiddled too much with those. I was hoping someone could chime in on that.

Wow you must have a nice chip, my 3570k was terrible, could barely do 4.5Ghz @ 1.35v!

This is the best guide I have been able to find for Ivy bridge. I haven't found anything more detailed. 



Thanks for the post. I will take a look. I mostly found more basic guides for multiplier and frequency only... Sorry for the late response.

Well, this tidbit of advice won't help with keeping voltage down, but it'll help with temperatures. Have you tried delidding?

I haven't.. don't even recognize it.. but my issue hasn't been heat.. just stability. Heat is far below TDP but it just crashes from instability. I don't want to cram voltage down its throat either because I intend to keep this thing for at least 2-3 more years. I will probably just upgrade the graphics if I feel my GTX 680 4gb isn't cutting it.