i5-3570 OC to 4.5ghZ [ Need Tutorial ]

I'm looking to overclock my i5-3570 to 4.5ghZ. I'm running an Asus Sabertooth z77 and I'm going out to purchase a h100i right now from a local shop. I would love a well written tutorial or a video won't matter.

Thank you (:


Just look on youtube "3570k overclocking gude"  Linus has a great video on this

Dude set your voltage to 1.2 then bump your turbo boost ratio up by one till its unstable an bump your voltage up Moore then just keep going till you get to 4.5. Good luck

I come with a question. My 3570k is now @4.6 GHz @ 80 C. Is this too hot? I might be able to turn the voltage down a bit (now +0.100 V).