i5 3570 k or 8350?

Just wondering which cpu was better for recording, gaming, multitasking etc..

Will be using a EVGA  gtx 670 FTW edition.

recording, gaming, multitasking

you already know the answer



AMD FX8350 


Id still stick with a 3570K, Higher OC potential and you can guarentee your performance across the board.

because of multitreathing i would go with the 8350

The AMD actually Overclocks better, a 3570K at 5.0Ghz is getting REAL toasty, but the AMD runs cooler.

from a base clocl of 4 and a turbo of 4.2, plus most 3570k's can reach 4.7Ghz plus on air and 5 On water, so a 3400mhz clock to 4700+ for the i5 and 4.0 to 4.8 ish (normal Oc's) for the 8350 so since base performance is the same the i5 OC'd 1500+Mhz is going to give you more performance than the 8350 only oc'd 800+Mhz

and yes the AMD runs cooler but its Tjmax is also a lot lower.

I don't think ill be able to overclock it much. Going to  get the Hyper 212 plus with artic silver 5 thermal paste

Would my 670 get a boost from the 3570k  over the AMD?

Ive got a Hyper 212 Evo with the stock paste and can get to 4.4Ghz no problem.

WTF? No... You will not get any boost from either CPU, you go full retard?

Dont believe the myth. Get 8350 since games will use more and more cores and if you want to record, stream, stream+gaming, gaming, record+gaming, heavy video editing via Sony Vegas. multitasking eg 20 tabs opened in your web browsers or bunch of videos 720p videos running get the FX 8350... Its cheap for gaming and editing...

You cant get a greater bang for a buck... So yea... Get the FX 8350.


you seem to assume that overclocking works linearly which it does not

20% overclocked on one architechture might yield 17% better performance while another architecture might get 5% better performance

What if they're both the exact same price to buy? Both the Intel 3570K and Amd 8350 are £179.99 on overclockers.co.uk

Well if just for pure gaming and editing that does not include Sony Vegas choose 3570k but your Socket is dead for all CPU's before Haswell. Since there wont be anymore new CPU's based on Sandy/Ivy Brigde... Heh. :)

Broadwell here we come.

Its Haswell... Its going to be "better", yea right... Focus on high end Intel, good job. Go 3dfx route... Cunts... Cant beat the AMD in low end? Boohoo...

Haswell's IGP wont beat AMD A10 5800k's APU.. Soon released "Richland's" CPU APU, the APU will eat it and spit it twice.

i do get that, but overclocking the 3570k does show more a less a linera progression with few diminishing returns, as the archetecture is already very strong, and even if it yealded only a little performance increase per 100Mhz its overhead is bouble that of the 8350

oh... this arguement again? 

AS5 is so old, I don't know why people still suggest it, would you use an AGP video card?  Go with Tuniq TX-4, Arctic Cooling MX-4, or some IC Diamond, they all give lower temps and don't have any cure time