i3-3220 vs FX-4300 (+7870ish)


I've been searching for the best options for a whole new gaming pc. As my busget is not unlimited I've narrowed down the choices and now I'm kinda stuck. I'll be pairing either of this CPU's with a 7870/660ti.

I know the FX-6300 is only $10 more, but I live in México and for some reason i3/4300 are both $130 and the 6300 goes up to $190 so its out of the picture.

Will this combination (along good RAM, PSU, MOBO and HDD that I've already done some research on and picked) last me at least 5 years? Or I'm already bottlenecking somewhere? I know I wont be playing all games on Ultra but thats fine.


Thanks. :)

The 4300 is a better choice for gaming, even if you get an i3 with hyper threading, the 4 cores will be much better.

unless your main games are star craft 2 and other RTS games then go with the 4300

i'll throw my recommendation at the i3, also if it's a choice between a 7870 and a 660ti, then deffenatly go with the 660ti

as for it lasting 5 years... hard to say, all depends on what you expect out of it, and how games change how they take advantage of the hardware

edit: something to check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_hps7TV4d0

Something that you could do is to get someone in the states to buy that stuff for you and ship it to you. It might be worth it. Just something to consider. I know that it is something that people in the audiophile community do from time to time.

I've considered that option too, but chipment costs even out the benefits of doing so. And if some component is faulty, warrany will be easier to manage. :)

I kinda made a mistake when posting as I meant to say "660" not "660ti". I know that after 5 years i'll be most likely be playing on lower resolutions and detail turned down.

And I wont be playing almost no RTS, on top of that Starcraft 2 looks boring to me. The upgrade path for the Am3+ platform is somewhat limited unless Pilediver makes the 30% improvement AMD's been talking about.

Thanks. :)

Very true.