I want to create my own VPN... But I don't know how

Hello all! I want to create my own VPN to use when I am on a foreign network, and want to feel "secure", and not worried that I'll be a victim of a M-I-T-M attack.

DL: 15Mb/s
UL: 10Mb/s
Server O.S: Win Server 2012 Standard
Would be willing to use NO-IP as a DNS

I'd be open to the idea of using a virtual machine, however, I only have 9GB RAM, and a single network card, so i'd prefer to make a VPN within windows. I also want to be able to access this VPN via my Android phone (so not just other Window's devices)

Hopefully someone can assist me with setting this up, or send me to the right places to do this! Thanks! :D

P.S: Any feedback is welcome.

Do you need to obfuscate your traffic or just make an encrypted tunnel?
Do you know how to set up port forwarding?
What level of security do you want?

Hak5 has two or three recent videos on building an openvpn server, both the hard and easy way.

It's done on Linux but you could probably apply this to win if you can get openvpn installed. Personally, I dislike win for server needs, but that is a ball in a different court. If it's something you'd consider, try a raspi.


This will get you a PPTP server which is natively supported by Android. PPTP however is not the most secure VPN protocol and therefor wouldn't be recommended if you're looking for high security.

Once you have done this you will need to port forward traffic on ports 1723 and 47 through your router. I would also suggest having a good Windows password.

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I am looking for it to be encrypted and have some sort of protection, but I'm not expecting it to be NSA proof. It'll be mainly used to be more secure in public networks.
I know the basics to port forwarding. I've set up multiple Minecraft servers.

@khaudio I'll take a look at this video on Saturday. This week, i'm quite busy.

When I was doing my own research, I noticed that OpenVPN was a Linux software, however, how could I install OpenVPN in windows? I'd much rather just set up the VPN via Window's so I don't have to mess with VM's.

I have a couple shitty netbooks laying around the house. I may try installing Ubuntu Server onto one, and using that, however, it'll be limited to 10/100 speed, so my internet will be slightly bottlenecked if I decide to do it that way.

I tried this method, however, I could not find an Android app that would allow me to connect to this VPN, or I just set it up wrong...? I'm not sure. When I was reading stuff on the built-in VPN function, it seemed like a Window's-Only feature...?

You don't need an app. It's NATIVE. Google it.

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Openvpn is available on pretty much everything.

You can run a VM on top of windows server and have a VPN all with one nic without issue.

But you can also a VPN on windows with the built in tools.
Routing and Remote Access Services can help with that.


You can use L2TP/IPsec to connect to it with your phone or linux and SSTP from a windows computer. Windows also supports PPTP but if your going to use that just don't have any expectation your traffic is private.

And as others have mentioned make sure you port forward.

Open VPN seems the best choice given your constraints. There's an app for it. Though if you would want to use the net books with linux you could setup an ipsec vpn which is built natively in Android and ios,osx and Windows. I would suggest strongswan only because it's what I use so I could post a working config file.

Can't say enough good things about hak5 first off. Second the only bad thing about using a pi is the fast Ethernet on board nic. Rent a shared server for $5-15 a month and use openvpn on it.

That would be the prudent thing to do; however, OP says his internet speed is 15/10, so 10/100 would be fine for that. It sounds too small scale to need a real server rental.