I want to buy a used gaming laptop and would like advice

I want to buy a used gaming laptop for between 200 - 500 dollars "the less the better"  and one of my friends is selling his alienware mx11 for 300 dollars and I wanted to know if you guys think its a good deal or you think there is a better option on what to buy or where to look. 

Can you provide more information on the Alienware mx11 specifications? If it's 5  years or older you probably won't want it as it will struggle to play current and newer games.  If you bag is older games then it would not matter.  Dood.

Don't buy an alienware. Generally, laptops are more prone to failure, and if it's 300$ it's probably old and terrible. Honestly, any laptop without a gpu, or it has one but it's 2011 or older sucks. You probably won't find anything in your price range. Look at refurbs from reputable sources. Desktops can actually game for 500$. I wouldn't buy a laptop over 2 years old. Tiny circuits and fans. Either raise your minimum for a laptop, or build a desktop, i say.

I actually am selling my ASUS G53SW-XA2 right now, and would take $550 shipped to the US, or $500 if you are local to pick it up. Upgraded it to 16GB of RAM. 


Sorry for the slow reply but thanks for the advice I will need to do some more research before making any decision but all your input has helped inform me of my options.


Just to let you know..

In my experience Laptops have a much shorter lifespan than desktops, so I would be very wary buying a used one.

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