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I want to build one

Found this on another forum I frequent. I like it better than the personal drone vid I saw last year where someone built an oversize drone and flew over a lake standing on top. I wish I had the spare time and cash to build one.


Imagine taking a trip to the grocery store in this thing and landing in a parking spot :joy: I wanna build one too


Oh, yeah. I’d love to build one too.

I teach high school students (both mechanical and software) engineering. Imagine landing that thing in the middle of the school before the meeting. Oh, that would be amazing.


That looks incredible sketchy… I want one!


I would prefer a 6/12 fan vs a 4/8 fan. Easier to control at body weight. Probably more agile. Can handle a bigger battery.

Maybe finding a way to lower the noise of the fans. (Theoretically possible)

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