I want to build a video surveilance and NAS PC

I want to build a PC that handles 1-2 video cameras and saving their footage to the computer, it's for surveiling my apartment. its not that i am afraid or anything, i would just be nice to have and i might learn something on the way when i-m making it my self.

Also if the same computer could function as a NAS that would be great!

i am thinking something mini ITX if possible and RAID 10 or 1 with 4 or 2 harddrives.

my budget is not limited to a set amount, but i would like to keep it under or equal to 800 US dollars.

Trouble is i dont always know with the interprise stuff what is best and most ideal to use, and in general i do not know much about PC interprise stuff.

Wendell has been making the videos about interprise motherboards with Xeons or i3s, and i am wondering if some of that stuff would be ideal for my purpose.


So anybody know of any good cameras for WLAN or Ethernet ?

and in general hardware for doing this sort of thing ?




As far as hard drives go for something designed for video. WD purple(designed for constant writes) or the enterprise grade versions. for the cameras try to find something that is poe so you only have to run 1 wire to each camera.

ok cool i didnt know about the WD purple series.

poe is power over Ethernet right ?

and if so doesnt the PC where the camera is hooked up also need to support poe? i know it is not much power they need.

does the Ethernet port on most motherboards support poe ?

or does most ethernet pci-e cards support poe ?

POE is Power over ethernet.

you can ether get a poe switch that provides the power or poe injectors that add power to the ethernet.


here is some examples.



ok cool beans :)

i would recommend this as software for the camera's http://www.ispyconnect.com/


looks great, i was thinking some free software would be nice :D. thanks

The Processor id recommend the E3-1245v3 my friend has this for his home server and its extremely powerful for its price. But you would need a C226 chipset. Tek Syndicate done a review on a itx board that will work with it.

Just saying im in England and the prices are different.

i am from Denmark prices are diffrent here aswell, but i will look at prices when i have my mind set on some more specific hardware.

is that E3-1245v3 good for compressing the video feed from the diffrent cameras ? i do not know much about the Xeon parts and what they are ideal for?